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Keep warm and snow-proof: Soft velvet lining, quickly lock the temperature of your child's hands, have long sleeves with elastic closure, can cover the child's coat or coat sleeves to prevent cold and snow from entering.
Triple waterproof protection: Waterproof nylon fabric can form the first waterproof barrier. After splashing water on the surface, the water will automatically sag and slip, and will not wet the gloves. Effectively avoids melting and immersion of snow, suitable for snow sports such as snowballing, sledding, snowmaning, skiing and snowboarding.
Easy to wear and maintain: With hook and loop fastener seal and elastic wrist, hook and loop fastener can be freely adjusted, more securely lock your hands, prevent cold air infusion, keep warm lock temperature, can easily adjust the size, it is easier to wear gloves for children.
Anti-lost cufflinks: the use of convenient card-type anti-lost cufflinks, plugging and unloading, effectively store gloves
Winter sports essential: Wearing a pair of warm and waterproof practical gloves in cold winter, making outdoor sports more interesting.

Material: polyester, lining
Size: full length 20cm/7.87inch, palm width 9cm/3.54inch (Approx.)
Suitable age: 4-9 years old
Function: keep warm, waterproof
Scene: outdoor sports such as skiing and cycling

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1 pair of children's ski mittens

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1 pair of children's ski mittens