2020 new Brand Wedge Shoes Fashion designers white Sneakers Women leather thick-soled Casual Sports shoes woman Zapatillas Mujer

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 Our size is not standard US size, and it is only equal to foot length!,  refer to our size table only
We strongly demand: Depending on the length of the foot according to our size chart to choose the most appropriate size! This is very important, thank you for your understanding and cooperation
HEY!!! My friend Welcome to my shop, each order we will give 1 pairs of socks as a gift
For example :The length of your foot is 24.6-25 cm Select Size 7.5 orders11111111111vv01initpintu_副本1111111111111101 - 副本1111111111111102O1CN01AlxHb61gwqnqKUmni_!!2177244207O1CN01fXZl0r1gwqnmySlT5_!!2177244207O1CN01FZYyZu1gwqnr46lEZ_!!2177244207O1CN01kgR6xL1gwqnrYubQS_!!2177244207O1CN01mdObxa1gwqnopNba4_!!2177244207O1CN01NAiRam1gwqns0vNGq_!!2177244207O1CN01OeXJYQ1gwqnloHVjd_!!2177244207O1CN01opAYyh1gwqnopN08V_!!2177244207