400g Glutamine powder, accelerate muscle recovery, supplement nutrition powder for fitness, alleviate muscle soreness

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Glutamine powder 400 g male and female fitness tonic nutrition powder to restore amino acid muscle protein powder ,Free Delivery

Product Name: Glutamine Solid Drink
Specification: 400g1 barrel
Ingredients: glutamine, fish collagen
Suitable for the crowd: muscle soreness, physical fatigue, decreased resistance
Glutamine powder efficacy: muscle repair and reduction, accelerated salt supplementation
Provides a comprehensive protein that relieves muscle soreness and speeds muscle recovery
Promotes protein synthesis, prevents muscle breakdown, and increases muscle volume,
Gastrointestinal health
How to eat: 2 times a day, 5g each time, add 150mI-200mI after exercise and before going to bed
Stir well in warm water, eat 5g before going to bed during non-fitness period
Storage method: Protect from light, place in a cool dry place