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Powders that increase muscle mass are products of high quality separation and perfect combination of whey protein and other ingredients that promote the action of the entire protein. This is an excellent protein supplement for people who want to maximize their weight and break down fat, suitable for both sexes. Supplementing the super-energy muscle motility factor will bring a range of benefits to the body.
Muscle = energy + protein + synthetic nutrients. As can be seen from the previous formula, protein is a very important substance in the process of muscle synthesis. Protein is an essential substance in the human body. It consists of 20 amino acids. Different amino acid combinations become different substances required by the human body, such as myoglobin, hemoglobin, globulin and the like. Eight of these 20 amino acids (9 of the infants) are not synthesized by the body itself and can only be obtained by food, which we call essential amino acids. If a food contains these eight amino acids, we call them intact proteins, and those that contain these eight amino acids at different times are called incomplete proteins. In real life, the proteins in animal foods are intact proteins (easy to understand, humans and animals), so animal proteins are more easily used by humans. Plant proteins are incomplete proteins that need to be eaten together with several plant foods. These eight essential amino acids can only be obtained by complementing each other.
Muscle-promoting powders and weight-increasing powders contain mainly fast-absorbing carbohydrates and some proteins. The main component of protein powder is protein. Therefore, the small version suggests that you should eat nutrients based on your body shape. If you are thinner, then it is best to eat muscle powder, because the muscle-increasing powder contains protein powder and energy, which has a better effect on weight gain.
Brand: US Kaiwei
Name: Glutamine Sports Fitness Supplement
Ingredients: L-glutamine, fish collagen
Nutritional ingredients: energy 1663kJ per 100g, protein 97.8g, fat 0g, carbohydrate 0g, sodium 180mg
1, used to restore fatigue, relieve muscle soreness, accelerate muscle recovery
2, promote protein synthesis
3, prevent muscle breakdown, increase muscle volume
4, gastrointestinal health
Edible method: 2 times a day, 5g each time, exercise and add 150mI before going to bed - shake evenly in 200mI warm water. 5g before going to bed during non-fitness period.O1CN01B3PtNn1DM67bHWNmV_!!2038130201
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