High quality best price vitamin c powder Ascorbic Acid 1pc festival top supplement sequins for face protein synthesis free shipp

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2020 High quality best price vitamin c powder Ascorbic Acid 1pc
festival top supplement protein synthesis free shipping
Product description
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), also known as L-ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin.
Vitamin C in food is absorbed by the upper part of the human small intestine. Once absorbed, it is distributed to all water-soluble structures in the body. There is about 1500 mg of vitamin C in the vitamin C metabolic active pool in normal adults, and the maximum storage peak is 3000 mg of vitamin C.
Under normal circumstances, most of vitamin C is metabolized in the body into oxalic acid or combined with sulfuric acid to generate ascorbic acid-2-sulfuric acid and is excreted from the urine; another part can be excreted directly from the urine.
Product function
1. Synthesis of collagen:
The synthesis of collagen requires vitamin C to participate, so VC is lacking, and collagen cannot be synthesized normally, resulting in cell connection disorders.
2. Treatment of scurvy:
The strength of the vessel wall has a lot to do with VC. Microvessels are the smallest of all blood vessels. The wall of the tube may be only one cell thick. Its strength and elasticity are determined by the collagen that is responsible for connecting the cells with a clay effect.
3. Prevent gum atrophy and bleeding:
A healthy gum covers every tooth tightly. Gum is soft tissue. When protein, calcium and VC are lacking, it is easy to produce gum atrophy and bleeding.
4, antioxidants: can protect other antioxidants, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids, to prevent free radicals from harming the human body.
5. Improving the human body's immunity: White blood cells are rich in VC. When the body is infected, the VC in white blood cells decreases sharply. VC can enhance the chemotaxis and deformability of neutrophils, and improve bactericidal ability.
Product application
1.Food Grade: As antioxidant and food nutrition enhancer, Vitamin C is used in flour product, beer, candy, jam, can, drink, dairy products 
2.Medicine Grade: Vitamin medicines, prevent scurvy, and a various of drugs for acute or chronic infectious diseases, purpura, dental caries, gingival abscess, anemia 
3.Cosmetic Material: Vitamin C can promote collagen formation, its antioxidation, can restrain pigment spots
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