Martial Arts Foam Nunchakus Sponge Safe nunchaku Fitness Chinese Kung Fu ExerciseTraining Equipment For beginners

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1. Material: Sponge & PVC 2. Color: Black,Yellow 3. Stick Size: 25x 2.3cm (L x Dia) 4. Chain Length: 15cm


1. the chain on this nunchaku makes it very easy to swing and maneuver. 2. Designed with the lightweigt and portable, this body building nunchaku is good for travel or home using. 3. This nunchaku is a perfect sporting goods for your daily training. 4. It is very substantial, soft and elastic in hands, feeling very good. 5. Suitable for beginners to train, and increasing the speed. 6. Nunchaku is a traditional clay consisting of two sticks connected at one end with a short chain or rope.

The Benefits of Pratice Nunchakus:

Improve the body's flexibility, coordination and agility. Cultivate unremitting perseverance. Entertainment, fitness, self-defense.

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1*Martial Arts Nunchucks