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*1. The sandbag is empty, which can put things like rag, saw dust, sand, beans in it. After padded, the sandbag can absorb shock to decrease the impacts and protect your bones.

*2. Good quality canvas cloth material is wear-resistant and durable for years of using, with PU patch on the middle which is sleek enough to protect your hand from abrasion.

*3. The stitching is solid and delicate, you don't need to worry it would split or tear. Metal buckles can firmly connect the sandbag and metal chain.

*4. Zipper seal, convenient and safe. The metal chain is sturdy and heavy duty, you can hang it wall or other tough item.

*5. Perfect for developing hand and foot technique and building nice body.



1. Material: Canvas+PU leather + elastic sponge

(60cm without PU leather material)

2. Options(Height): 0.6m, 0.8m, 1m,

3. Diameter: Approx. 0.6m-34cm; 0.8m-38cm, 1m-46cm,

4 . Color: Red


➤Steps for usage:

Step 1: choose the correct filler grains (wheat, rice, corn, millet, corn kernels, soybeans, green beans, etc.) and appropriate soft accessories (wheat bran, sawdust, cloth strips, old clothes, old bedding, cut the cloth strips into small pieces as much as possible. Easy to fill).

Step 2: Take out the hollow sand foreskin to be filled and open the upper zipper. Put the accessories into the red canvas part at the bottom! Suggestion (packing one layer at a time and not putting all of them in case the sandbags are not real) Do not press down to make the sand packaging smooth and full!

Step 3: the middle black pu leather part: find a sturdy plastic bag (a bag smaller than the sandbag directly) to hold some sand (the weight is about 5-10 kg according to the length of the sandbag) or the same weight of grains and grains. It's best to take the tape and wind it down to avoid sand leakage! Put the sand inside the sand bag (the sand is surrounded by auxiliary materials such as rags and sawdust) and press firmly on the surrounding accessories to compact it!

Step 4: upper red canvas and zipper seal filler (wheat bran sawdust broken peanut shell sawdust rag strip old clothes broken bedding) and so on! Follow the step-by-step method of filling, filling a layer of layer, compacting, filling full! This will make the outside fuller!

Step 5: press the upper seal to avoid pulling the zipper! Sealed and good!



➤Package Included:

1 * Empty Sandbag

1 * Metal Chain

1 * Hook

1 * Carabiner




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