Multivitamin and mineral Facial Skin Anti Wrinkles Freckle Remove Supplementing Balance Human Nutrition Whitenning 60tablet

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Product Name      Multivitamin with Minerals

Active ingredients   Multivitamins (vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamins

 Each tablet contains: 207mg of calcium, 3.4mg of iron, 4.1mg of zinc, 7.7ug of selenium, 135ug of vitamin A, and vitamin C 20

Product Specification 1g /60 tablets

Health Function    Supplement trace elements

How to eat      1 tablet 2 times a day

Shelf life           24 months

Vitamins and minerals all regulate the body. Can enhance the body's immunity, anti-aging, whitening

the skin, adjust the body's metabolism

Each tablet contains: vitamin A 200μg, vitamin B1 3mg, vitamin B2 3mg, vitamin B6 2mg, vitamin B12 2.5μg, vitamin C

28mg, vitamin D 3μg, vitamin E 20mg, vitamin K1 30μg, nicotinamide 10mg, pantothenic acid 3mg, choline 90mg, calcium

150mg, magnesium 65mg, iron 5mg, zinc 5mg, manganese 1mg, copper 0.45mg