Pharmaton 60 Capsules Multivitamin Ginseng G115 Vitamin A,B,C,D,E + Folic Acid + Calcium, Iron Vitamin Magnesium Zinc Copper

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Pharmaton 30 Capsules Multivitamin

Operating worldwide Boehringer Ingelheim firm produces Pharmaton 30 capsules multivitamin, it contains vitamin and minerals as well as each capsule for standardized Ginseng G115 backing, physical performance azlığından and vitamins for lack of complaining, examinations, concentration in azlığından şikayetçi and sports ediyor address to parties that serves as a part of life. Bodily and mental performansı aimed at enhancing the impact of those engaged in supplementary food, as soon as possible by showing the effect of, tiring daily aktivitelerinizde sağlayarak you strength and resistance to a solution.

Zinde One Day For Assistant

Pharmaton daily need all the minerals and vitamins containing special formulation, as a result of regular use, as soon as possible, mental and physical performance aimed at enhancing the effect is starting to show.

Long running your studies, sınavlarınızda and yolculuklarınızda konsantrasyonunuzu increasing, make no mistake ihtimalinizi minimize downloading.

This food supplement, mornings zinde to start your day and day energetic support you to maintain as, your quality of life is the most economical ways increase is helping.

Pharmaton capsule the ginseng, doping agent not bildirilmesiyle, professional athletes also by product complete peace of mind is usable.

This economical product is providing the ultimate in signs of fatigue, clinical applications tested is high reliability.

Made on scientific research that match, weight aldırmadığı ispatlandığından, on how to lose weight precision showing people conveniently kullanabilmesine disposes.

Special Formulation Unique Effect

Product Type: Food Supplement Capsules
Product theme: Multivitamin Ginseng G115
Use way: Oral
Pharmaton, to people who are allergic to gluten does not contain gluten and celiac sufferers safely operation vermesiyle stands out.

Tek Capsule 18 Separate Vitamin and Mineral

Product Packaging: Metal protection cover glass bottle
Product MOQ: 30 PCs capsule
Product Service quantity: Single capsules
Product Daily Nutritional Values (2000 calorie diet for): 500 mcg Ginseng G115®, 2667 mcg vitamin A, 1,7 mg B1 (Thiamin) vitamin 1,4 mg B2 vitamin (Riboflavin), 16,13 mg B3 vitamin, 1,7 mg B6 vitamin 200 mg B9 vitamin (Folic acid), 2,5 mg B12 vitamin, 60 mg vitamin C, 5 mg of vitamin D, 17,88 mg vitamin E, 50 mg biotin, 100 mg lecithin, calcium 120 mg, 10,5 mg of iron, 2 mg manganese, 1 mg copper, 1,5 mg zinc
Kapsüllerdeki Ginseng G115, Panax ginseng (L.) plant shows the benefit of parts of special Technics intensifying result being achieved. Patented and standardized the Ginseng G115, the same amount in each capsule ginseng extract is the current holder. So every day the same amount to the user that ginseng garantileyerek, high quality a food supplement.
Ginseng G115'in activity, on the clinical study kanıtlandığından to the consumer, reliable service.
Ginseng G115 extract with multivitamin capsules 30 Pharmaton gained as a result of the combination of, tek capsule 18 separate vitamin and mineral support because you, easy to use, economical food support.

Pharmaton: One Hundred Years Of Tecrübeden From Reliability

1885'de Almanya'nın in Ingelheim Albert Boehringer established by Boehringer Ingelheim firm, numbered in the world leading pharmaceutical company as one, since its inception to human health-oriented service. Work, new medical products research, developing and marketing adayan Boehringer Ingelheim, as company policy, pays attention to environmental sustainability.

Türkiye'de so from operating company, at Pharmaton vitamin and mineral products each year by expanding the range of market, innovations. Firm, day by day with the objective of reaching to more people, continues to work.

Simple Operation with Step-by-step To Health

Pharmaton food supplementer, as long as the ship to the other way by physicians, every day (preferably in the mornings, on a full stomach) one PCs capsule shape. Capsule if you wish, öğünle get together.

Pregnant and or milk lactating are a mother, the doctor's advice outside this food supplementer or any support product do not use.

Pharmaton food supplementer, original box, heat, sunlight and away from moisture, keep at room temperature conditions.

You can also physical and mental performance boost, konsantrasyonunuzu will assist you in maintaining a food supplement arayışındaysanız, this ginseng additive, economic multivitamin product hemen incelemeye can start.

Nutritional Values:

Service Quantity: 1 capsule
Shrink-Wrap Service Number: 30
A Service for the Nutritional Values of Daily Value
Calcium 120 mg
C Vitamin 60 mg
Ginseng G115®500 mcg
10,5 mg of iron
Manganese 2 mg
Copper 1 mg
B6 1,7 mg of Vitamin
Thiamine (B1 Vitamin) 1,7 mg
Folic Acid (B9 Vitamin) 200 mg
Biotin 50 mg
Vitamin D 5 mcg
Lecithin 100 mg
Vitamin E 17,88 mg
B3 16,13 mg of Vitamin
Zinc 1,5 mg
Vitamin A 2667 mcg
Riboflavin (B2 Vitamin) 1,4 mg
B12 2,5 mg of Vitamin

Daily values are calculated for 2000 calorie diet.