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Whey Protein Powder WPC80 Fitness Nutrition Supplements Increase Body Muscle Weight Food
Who need whey protein powder
Those poor health and physical weakness
Suffering from acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases, gastrointestinal malabsorption who function
Persons postoperative rehabilitation period after illness
People in the weight loss period
Regular exercise fitness man
High intensity mental
Endocrine disorders, skin loses its luster and easy to aging women
1, after exercise 30 to 40 minutes, take 5 Capsules of whey protein.
After exercise drink it is because trained muscles congestion expansion, will reach a large practice where where the effect. But the girls take it easy, to practice large muscle, it needs to do heavy weight training will be larger, appropriate weight can be modified and beautiful lines. Instead of eating a bowl of instant noodles after exercise, not as practical nor affordable drinking a cup of whey proteins.
2, before going to bed drink a whey protein with whole grains, egg products.
During sleep is growth hormone secretion, body ideal time to synthesize muscle, is the peak body nutritional reserves consumption. Protein supplement can provide nutrition for the growth and decomposition of the body during sleep also added nutrition. With whole grains or eggs, protein absorption may extend the time for the long sleep of the body to provide nutrition continued.
Used: 2 PCS / 1 time . 2 times / 1 day.