QIBEST Blush Peach Cream Makeup Blush Palette Cheek Contour Blush Cosmetics Blusher Cream Korean Makeup Rouge Cheek Tint Blush

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Product Name Blush Cream Pallete Type:Blush Makeup Item Name:Cheek Blush Fae Contour Type 2:Cheek Blush Cream Product Weight :29g Advantage: Easy to color Vitality makeup Moist and delicate Moisturizing texture


If you need one makeup product to transforms your complexion from tired,dull and lackluster to glowing and radiant, this QIBEST cream blush palette will be your best choice. Featuring 6 vibrant hues like Vibrant #BLUSHING ROSE and #MELBA, it works for both fair and deep complexions. This blush are the best way to go for those with beautiful , rich complexions.

Feature:blush cream lasts longer than powdered blush.

1.Long Lasting Makeup Non-dizzy and lose color,Delicate touch,Moist & close to the skin,Appears Veletly makeup 2. Stunning Natural Effect Natural color,Like blush on the face,not exaggerated but color rendering.Gel cream texture, simple to get started, light and smooth, it will not fade for a whole day! 3.Elegance Goddess Fan Not easy to remove and the waterproof effect is very good,push the smudge well, and it can melt well with the skin, and the makeup is perfect