SEXYSHEEP 3D Mink False Eyelash Magnetic Eyelashes Magnet Eyeliner Fake Eyelash Waterproof Liquid Long Lasting lash Makeup

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Dear customers, welcome to my shop. We are a professional magnet eyelash supplier, if you want to cooperate with us, please add our WeChat account: 16653131543. We provide "dropshipping" service, also known as "door to door" service. dropshipping advantages: 1. We have a factory with sufficient inventory. 2. Very large-scale company, quick delivery. 3. High-quality product quality, you can purchase samples for inspection. 4. Can provide the lowest price of AliExpress.

8 guarantees of SEXYSHEEP: SEXYSHEEP is dedicated to the research and development of the highest quality eyelashes: natural, soft, and multi-use. ① Can be easily removed from the tape. ② The shape remains original for more than one year. ③ Provide the most innovative and popular styles. ④Sturdy packaging can avoid damage during transportation. ⑤ We are a manufacturer and we provide fast service at the best price. ⑥ High-quality glue can avoid any residue on the eyelash curler, and the strong adhesive force can be recycled. ⑦ Buy in bulk, you can paste your logo for free and provide the fastest logistics. ⑧Quality after-sales service, honest sellers, guarantee the interests of customers.